Forecast calls for Smaug

So, I took a gample and put in an order for Smaug.  Its crazy expensive, but hopefully I can recoup some of that through the blog and my youtube channel.  When I saw that it was limited to 200 (for now) I decided to go ahead... unfortunately that was at full Canadian retail... ouch.

Expect me to milk this one... unboxing, assembly, and step by step painting... even though you wont be able to buy one for yourself (unless you got one of the other 199 of them).  I'm thinking that magnetizing the wings will make sense to help avoid it breaking.


  1. Best of luck, that thing is a literal beast. I send condolences regarding full Canadian retail. Ouch!

  2. Word on the street they will be making more in the new year

  3. I'm glad that you got yourself one, looking forward to your adventures with it.

    With luck and a not-so-probable price decrease I may be able to get one in the new year too...

  4. I don't play the Hobbit, but would still would love this model. Would look awesome as a show piece.


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