How to Paint Grukk Face Rippa

And here's the tutorial for Grukk and the other warboss.  I don't show much of the badmoon guy, so I suggest checking out the Badmoon shoota boy tutorial.

Oh, and something screwed up with the audio... sorry about that, I think messed up when I recorded it, so I'll have to fix that for next time.

Nice model, although lacking a little personality I think... There was something missing about this guy when compared to the other recent Ork releases.  Regardless, cool model and fun to paint.

1 comment:

  1. I think some of the lost personality comes from the fact his pose is identical to a warboss we all already have. Sure he's a bit bigger and has neat bits...but come on sculptors, you could have at least made a more dynamic many options!


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