Captain Karlaen Painting video and guide

Here's the finished tutorial of Captain Karlaen from Deathstorm.  I find these single characters a lot of fun to paint, but when it comes to full units all those extra details makes it pretty tedious.

Anyway, as usual, a painting guide is below, which is basically what I followed in the video.  This is also similar to the White Dwarf paint splatter article, except I like to do all the base colours at once (rather than start and finish each colour).  This helps reduce touch ups on finished areas and prevents missing areas that need to be totally redone.


  1. That was awesome, thanks for sharing! I still have Space Hulk waiting for painting, let alone Deathstorm, so I can see me coming back to this tutorial a whole heck of a lot once I start work on my guys! I also really loved the black/blue effect you get on a few parts, so that's inspired me beyond working just with the space marines. Thanks very much!

  2. Really nice work! Really got something out of it, since I'm painting him right now. But I'm doing him a little different since he's going to be part of my Flesh Tearers.


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