Age of Sigmar Liberator size comparison

I'm sure I'm not the first to post a size comparison, but here's another one showing the free mini beside some other Fantasy and 40k models.  He's defiantly big, but that's the idea, right?

I really want to test out a fuax-NMM paint job on this guy using my airbrush.  I realize NMM is a faux finish, but I mean faking it even more by using an airbrush.  I'm thinking I can do the main colours with the airbrush and just line highlight the gold by hand and add some blue and do the parchment.  Hopefully it will turn out and be something easy enough to replicate for the whole box when I get my hands on them.

Some other thoughts on the whole AoS shift in Fantasy.  Part of me really likes this and sees the need for the hobby to move one.  When you go to tournaments and see guys playing with 20 year old mini's you can understand why GW's sales are stalling.  They need a way to make things obsolete otherwise you can just pick up cheap 2nd hand stuff and free load.  GW's hobby has always relied on young kids buying, collecting and moving on, so I can see the need to refocus on this demographic.

On the other hand, one of the reasons I like Warhammer (40k and fantasy) is the nostalgia.  I don't want it to change, or at least change slowly.  I'm scared for what will happen to Orcs and Goblins because I don't want my army to be relegated to an OOP collection... so in the mean time I won't be painting any of that and will focus on enjoying some of the new releases and seeing where it goes.


  1. It's official, Sigmarines kick sand in the faces of Astartes, and steal their girlfriends.

  2. Thanks for doing this actually. Your pictures are very clear and easy to find through an image search.

    I was gonna do the new Age of Sigmar models for a Mordheim stand-in warband but I didn't realize they were this big.


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