Age of Sigmar - White Dwarf in hand!

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a White Dwarf a little early.  Its quite impressive, and is all Warhammer (Age of Sigmar) all the time.

There have been tons of leaks about this issue, but I wanted to see it for myself.  I can't wait to get the box set and paint it all up.

A few things I've noticed so far:
-The free mini is not push fit.  Glue is needed (and from what I can see in the issue the AoS box set guys are the same)
-40mm base on the sprue, so these guys are practically Terminator size.
-Really nice detail on the model, as reported elsewhere.
-No pictures of Square bases in with the epic scenes (all round).  There is one picture that shows a square base along side a round one, but that's just to say that you can keep using those.
-Lots of great pics.  The online leaks don't do the issue justice... worth picking up if you like pretty pictures.

Update: I've seen some pictures showing the mini's beside space marines and can confirm that this guy is terminator size.

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  1. I am really excited about this Age of Sigmar stuff. I like what I am seeing so far. My friends and I are dusting off the old fantasy minis and planning to get back into fantasy. We need a break from so much 40k.


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