Betrayal at Calth Comptemptor Assembly

Hobbits are done, and now on to my next project, the Horus Heresy, Betrayal at Calth.  I decided to start by assembling the Contemptor and I think I'll try to do all of the Word Bearers first before moving onto the Ultra marines.  I'm hoping to airbrush them, so I'll be doing some sub assembly first before applying the main colours.  Hopefully I can come up with an efficient process.  I'm thinking of leaving their backpacks and shoulder pads off, but I'm not sure about their weapons.

As for the Contemptor, I think I'll make a few cuts and rotate the arms and torso.  It looks pretty static and maybe a little modification will go a long way.

Some hobbits battling it out on my desk:

Ready to dig into the Contemptor sprue:

Assembly done, needs some magnets:


  1. great to have you back blogging, paul! I rotated the torso on the dread and it made such a big difference.

    1. cool, thanks for the note, I'll definitely give it a try.

  2. I found it pretty easy to cut one of the legs off once glued to give it a more dynamic stepping pose on to some cork. Even just something like that goes a long way.


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