Calth Ultramarines Base coated

Here's a couple pics of my Ultramarine force before and after the base coat.  I used double sided tape to attach them to the strips of wood and sprayed them with some army painter sprays.  Nothing fancy here.  I did the underside of the shoulder pads gold in hopes that it'll save time when I do the edges.  Next up will be some zenith highlights with the airbrush followed by the additional base colours.

I'm thinking the process will be:

Spray base coat
Airbrush highlights
Additional colours
Airbrush gloss (future floor polish)
Oil wash
Matte spray
Decals (maybe paint some gloss on areas for decals first)
Final highlights (going to try water colour pencils)
Matte Spray

Final assembly and basing.

Hopefully this will be quick and easy.


  1. can you explain how to make the oil wash?

    1. artist oils + thinner. You can buy pre made ones form model shops, but making my own should be fine. Good artist oils will thin right down, cheaper ones may have some small chunks to watch out for.


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