Future Floor polish

I had a question on my last post about where to find Future Floor Polish.  Anybody who's tried to find it will know that it doesn't exist by that name, but just about everybody still calls it that.

First off, what is it?  Basically its an acrylic gloss medium that meant to coat furniture but works amazingly well for hobby purposes.  It goes on easily in from an airbrush or regular brush.  You can use it for general gloss coats, protecting layers underneath when using oil paints, or using it as a base for decals to prevent silvering.  With oils the key thing is that its acrylic based, so thinners won't eat through it.  This is important if you're doing an oil wash and rubbing it off later because a regular gloss spray is oil based and will dissolve with your wash.

I think I first found out the name changed in a model train magazine, so when I saw this in Walmart I knew it was really Future floor polish in disguise.  Here's a few pictures of the bottle I have.  It was purchased a few years ago in Canada, but I believe its the same thing in the USA.


  1. Apparently this product works better than using Testor's gloss coat. I have no airbrush, but I wonder a few things, if applied with a brush do you need to dilute it, will a brush on job mess with applied washes/glazes, does the product creat a hard seal when dried completely.


    1. With a brush it goes on like Lahmian Medium, so I don't think you have to dilute it. I'd recommend testing it on some models and seeing how well it works for you. A bottle of this stuff is only slightly more than an typical GW paint pot, so its hard to go wrong.

  2. I love Future, and have been using it for years... the same bottle even. I make a wash with it, but also use it as a gloss coat on its own, or for water and gloss effects after spraying matte.

    Best smelling stuff in the hobby too, as a bit of a bonus.


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