Deathwatch Overkill: finished Cassius and Delassio

I made a bit of progress on the space marine side of the Deathwatch box.  I painted up Cassius and Delassio as a sort of test of my methods that I plan to use for the whole team.  I'm quite happy with the result and enjoyed painting two guys instead of 10-20 in a batch.  I pained the black armour and first highlight with my airbrush, so after that it was basically details.  I'm still experimenting with the gloss shades, but I think its working out well.  The general idea with them is to do the base colour and highlights first, then finishing with the shade.  I think this simplifies the process and takes out the step where you have to brighten things up after doing a normal shade.  The gloss really settles in the deeper areas without affecting the highlights, so I think this works out well.

A couple colours use a different process, such as the deathwatch silver arm.  For them I did, base, layer, blue glaze then a light drybrush highlight.  Just about everything else was base, layer, layer 2 then gloss shade.  For the armour it was black base, grey airbrush highlight then a thin edge highlight with Fenris Grey.

Next up, I've assembled the rest of the Deathwatch team and will do the airbrush step all at once.

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