Silver Tower Mighty Heroes progress

Here's some progress shots of my first batch of Silver Tower guys.  I don't actually have the main box yet, so I've started working on some of the expansion heros.  These guys are almost done, with some more almost than others.  Not pictured is the khorne guy from the White dwarf, but I showed him earlier.  Details after the break.

As you can see I'm generally sticking to the standard paint schemes.  Whenever I can find a paint splatter article I'm using it as a general guidline, with the exception of my new gloss wash technique (base, layer, layer, wash).

I'm particularly happy with the Nurgle character.  I base coated him with a light green, and amost all of the colours are just washes or glazes.  No layering was done on his armour or skin, so he painted up very quickly.

Similary story with this wierdo.  He got grey primer and various washes before some minimal details were added.  Painted up very quickly.

Dwarf guy is probably the furthest behind.  I need to do his cloak and helmet before I decide what to do with the flame (not happy with it).

My Sigmar guys are going to get a similar treatment to this guy... started with a gold spray that looks amazing.  I gave it a gloss wash (flesh shade) and won't touch anything else on it.  Since this covers most of the model he also painted quite quickly.  This is great because I don't particularly like painting gold models.

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