Silver Tower Painting progress

I'm working my way through the villains in the Silver Tower box... trying to keep things efficient and simple, so I'm priming in base colours and not going over the top with layers.

I also wanted to do something for the bases to keep time on theme but also paint up fast.  At first I tried the cracked earth technical paint, but wasn't happy with the result.  I ended up doing a textured sand, but refined the process a bit.  Worked like this: Sprayed with medium brown (for the rim), thick coat of paint and stuck down sand, added a few drops of a custom wash (Dark grey mixed with flow improver and airbrush medium), highlighted with light grey applied with a sponge.  This resulted and an efficient assembly line for the bases and very little rework.  I've finished off a few mini's and superglued them down, so I think I'm happy with this.

The first ones to finish were the brimstone horrors because they are simple and interesting.  I followed the warhammer tv tip of the day for fire and did the eyes as per the paint splatter in white dwarf weekly 121 (white with green glaze).  I added some white and yellow glow to the bases by drybrushing them before gluing the guys down.  Its a bit subtle, so I may go back with the airbrush to intensify the OSL.

Pink horror with the main area painted... need to add some washes to the limbs and paint the details.
 Blue horrors were basically drybrushed.
 Need to add lots of gold to these guys.

 Finished off the grots after the brimstone horrors.  Interesting idea of these models, but not sure I love the style.

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