Silver Tower Tazaagors finished

I had a chance to finish off the Tazaagors over the weekend.  I basically followed the paint splatter guide, with the exception of the gold. For that I used the Vallejo liquid gold (alcohol based paint).  It comes our really shiny, almost a gold leaf look.  I may give it a gloss shade wash, but for now its just pure gold.

Next up with be finishing the Horrors, then the Karic Acolytes, both of which are well on their way already.  I've primed the rest of the bad guys, so I may do the Ogroid Thaumaturge next.


  1. They look great. I like the bold colors with the burnished gold look.

  2. Far out man these are awesome. Makes me really jazzed to paint mine up over the Christmas break (So far behind!).

  3. What paint splatter guide do you mean?


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