More Silver Tower Progress

Lets start off with a shot of the shelf that's slowly getting filled up.  As you can see, the hero side doesn't have any of the proper box guys, just the mighty hero expansion and some other singles from my fantasy collection.  The monsters are slowly filling up, and I took a break from the bunches of guys to do the two skaven (pics after the break).

Since these guys are identical wanted to differentiate them with the paint scheme.  As you can see the metal armour is different (bronze and copper) and the leather/fabric with is different.

I took a little break from these guys as I'm getting a bit sick of painting gold.  I've got 4 of them painted with the gold and once that's done will just have some small details.  After that the batch painting will be basically be done and it'll only be single characters left.  Not sure about the familiars... do I need to do all 8, or is it only 4 needed for the game?

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