Night Goblins finished

Well, it turns out that I only needed one more night to get these guys to a table top standard. I managed to get a bunch of painting done at the miniwargaming club last night, and was able to finish them off at home. The only things that I'll have to go back and finish are their eyes (red) the yellow moons (need a highlight and wash) and the bases. I'm showing them here on a movement tray that I cast in resin. I'll have to do a tutorial on that on in the future.

Painting done last night:
GW Astronomican Grey Foundation (shield and boots)
GW Bolt gun metal (spear tip and chainmail)
black wash (shield, boots and spear)
GW scorpian green (skin hightlight)
GW Thraka wash (skin shade)
GW bleached bone (teeth)
GW Tausept Ochre Foundation (moons)
Reaper Earth Brown and Leather brown (spear and belt)


  1. Looking great man!

    Very very nice.

  2. def nice. haven't seen a good red scheme on those cloaks yet (some of my fav fantasy models)

  3. @zealot - Thanks. I always like how reds look on the table top, and I wanted to do my O&G with a themed look, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Hopefully once I have a lot done I'll be able to add some more detail to the edges of the cloaks or something like that, but for now I'm just going to have the shields different colours.


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