Night Goblins unit 2

Wow, I think I'm getting faster. This unit of Night Goblins went much faster than the last bunch. These had the red done (based and highlighted) and green skin base coated a while back, but the rest was done in about 5 hours total. Started with the brown belts, boots and wrapping on the spear. Then I base coated the shields a mix of Astronomican grey and Chaos black. Bolt gun metal for the spear tips and any exposed chain mail or belt buckles. The grey and silver were then given a black wash. Next was the green spears and shields. This was done with the pale green triad from Reaper (Jungle Moss, Highlands Moss, and Pale Lichen). When this was done I highlighted the skin with Scorpion Green and gave the skin a green wash. When this dried I did the teeth off white and the eyes with deep red then blood red (reaper). The browns were given highlights with the earth brown triad (same as the last night goblins) and that was about it. Since this batch went so fast I included the other 20 when I did the eyes, and touched up the yellow on their shields (gave it a wash and lighter yellow highlight).

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