Space Hulk Terminators more red

Seeing red... and I think I'm finally getting the results I wanted. After yesterday's post I caved and gave them a watered down devlin mud wash.

This was good, except that I used flow improver and ended up with some white crustys on some of the models. This should be easy enough to fix, but it kind of sucks because it means more work needs to be done. (You can see it in this pic).

Anyway, after that I decided I needed to brighten up the red, and I'm doing that with very thin layers of GW Blood red. I'm basically repainting all the highlights with a 5/0 brush and almost no paint. I was able to finish 3 terminators with this method, and I'm confident it will get me the result I'm looking for.

After this step I'll have to do the edging with some orange and the sharp corners with something even brighter, but it will look awesome.

Oh, and I drilled out the barrels of the bolters. I might have used too small of a bit, so that might require another go at it.

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