Airbrushing SH Terminators

Base coat, after lots of trial and error, is finished. I can happily report that Reaper paints airbrush very well. I mixed them about 1:1 with liquitex airbrush medium, but I'm sure flow improver or even future floor polish would work fine.

The goal was to get the red armour done with the reds from Reaper that I love so much. This partially successful. I ended up trying to do layers and highlighting with the airbrush that was mostly a waste of time. I ended up giving some Baal Red washes and lots of drybrushing to get the layers I was looking for. In the end I would have been better off with a black undercoat and just doing the deep red and blood red with the airbrush. Anyway, here's the order that these were painted in:
Burgundy Red Krylon spray
Reaper Deep Red airbrushed for full coverage
Reaper Blood Red airbrushed for slightly less coverage
Reaper Fire Red airbrushed for even less coverage
Reaper Phoenix Red airbrushed very lightly.

At this point I wasn't happy with the colour. It was basically a light red without the deep shadows I was hoping for. So, I gave them all a GW Baal Red wash. This basically eliminated the highlights, but made the red much nicer looking. From this point I went through the same order of Reaper Reds, but with a 3/8 wide flat drybrush. Again, not terribly happy with the washed out red look, so I gave another Baal Red wash. This time I was quite happy with the look, so just gave a light Phoenix Red drybrush and I think I'm done. I am planning on doing Blood Angels when they come out next year, so this learning experience was a good one. I think I'll do a devlin mud wash near the beginning next time, build highlights on top of that, then bring it down with the Baal red wash.

Note: this project jumped the que and bumped the spider riders because of an upcoming Space Hulk game at my local club (


  1. Looks great, thanks for recording your progress, it'll save me a step or two in trial & error.


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