White Dwarf 359 (December 2009) Revew

This review is going to be a little different from the last ones because I'm going to write it from memory. I've had this months copy for a couple weeks and have been flipping through it a bit reading some articles and drooling over the fortress of redemption.

Anyway, off the top, this issue comes with some great ideas for a WFB campaign using mighty empires. They describe what a couple studio guys have done, including some tables to roll on for casualties, and give some options to transfer it to 40k. I wish they would make firm rules for mighty empires/planetary empires campaigns, but this will do in the mean time. I guess the upcoming 40k battles expansion might help in this area.

Another great thing about this issue is the coverage of the new 40k fortress of redemption. This is an impressive kit that I'd love to own, but probably won't buy because I don't have a table at home. Anyway, the usual great step by step painting article, but also included are the rules that are in Planet strike. This reminds me of the good old days of WD when they would release rules in it and it was actually useful for gaming.

All in all, I enjoyed this issue. I have added a comment to the Space wolves issue mentioning how much I'm referencing it while building my SW army. I think this is where the current format of WD shines. Its still lacking the necessity that it once was 20 years ago (for exclusive rules), and the GW website is a great reference for painting and modeling, so I'm not sure what its exact purpose is meant to be (other than pretty pictures of stuff to buy), but I still enjoy it. Now I just need to pick up that great squat mini (White dwarf in space)...

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