WIP Stormwolf and Ork warbosses

Here's a couple pics of things on my desk right now.  I haven't had much time lately to paint, so these have been moving slowly.

The Stormwolf was airbrushed, then the rest of the base colours added before a coat of acrylic gloss (Future floor polish) and then some oil washes.  After the oil had a day to dry I wiped most of it off leaving the shadows intact and gave it a matte spray.  I'll touch up some of the colours and then it'll be done.

**Update, the barrels on the multi-meltas are drilled**

The warbosses were given a silver base coat (army painter) then washes.  I'm adding base colours now and will shade and highlight those later.


  1. Drill your multimeltas barrels, the storwold is too well painted to let them so.

    1. Ha I was going to suggest the same thing! I love all of pauls models, and was just glancing in awe at the stormwolf...then giant undrilled barrel!

      He could also get away with just painting a black circle (I've seen people use a sticker before) if he doesn't want to drill!

  2. We had a similar chat at the gaming club. The danger is that you drill off centre. I paint a black circle and inner highlight.

    Anyway. Fantastic looking model you should be proud!


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