Old Blood Thurster and daemons

Lets take a moment and be thankful for our new plastic Crack.  Here's a couple pictures of some old metal daemons of chaos.  I painted these up some time in the 90's.  Yep, that's a 40mm square base on the Blood Thurster.

Remember trying to glue metal?  Man that sucked.  I don't know if it was the super glue back then, or if it was something I was doing wrong, but it was terrible.

These are pictures I took back in 2010 when I was unloading some old stuff.


  1. You were always better off with epoxy for metal to metal.. and even then if you didnt pin you were asking for trouble..

    Nice models , good nostalgia :)

  2. I don't agree on the 'nice models' comment the PBs have something about them, the hounds and thirster are horrible sculpts.


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