Harlequins Finished

Had a bit of time last night to finish these guys and gals.  All that was left were some final highlights, so it went pretty quickly.  Overall all I like the look, but might have preferred some brighter colours to make them stand out more in my Dark Eldar army.  Regardless, they painted up nicely, and with only 6 of them were very manageable.  I'd like to get some of the skimmers and characters, but I need to finish up Smaug first.

Video tutorial will be coming when I get a chance to record the audio.


  1. They look great paul! You could always paint a future troop in slightly brighter colors to differentiate the squads!

  2. god they look great but I am holding out for the rumoured Genestealer coven codex.

    Fabulous looking minis though!


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