Harlequin Completed tutorial

Ok, it took me a little while to get this video compiled, but here you go.  In the video I show all the steps I took and give some suggestions about ways to do them a little differently.  Whenever you try out something you usually realize during the process that there are better ways of doing it.  For me I realized that they needed more colours after I did the diamond pattern, so I went back and added some bits here and there.

Also, someone commented on youtube about the brush I used for the fine lines. Yes, it looks like crap, but it has a good tip and is very predictable, so it works well with stuff like this.  I should probably replace it, but for now its the brush I use for checkers and other fine designs.


  1. Nice Tutorial:). Thx for sharing!

  2. Excellent tutorial.

    I'm just about to start up my own Harlequins army and your guide is giving me lots of tips and inspiration. Keep it up dude


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