Smaug WIP 5

Ok, so this is getting closer to being finished.  Went back and touched up the red on Smaug, to make it more red, less orange, and fixed the yellowish wing tipes by making them more flesh tone.  I also added some veins in the wings, and am mostly happy with that.  Now I think I need to paint the spines by hand (black and highlighted) and he'll be done.  I also made some more progress on the base by highlighting all of the metal trunks, so all that's left with that is to finish up the spires he stands on and highlight the wood boxes.

All in all its a pretty impressive model.  I can't decide if I want to sell or keep him... I'm not sure how I'd transport him if I were to try and pack him up... he's far too fragile.


  1. great work..Love the colour gradation on the wings. Some highlights on the spines should set it off beautifully....
    Really torn between SMAUG and CARN from cmon..
    Have to sneak one past my lovely lady who thinks my stash is a sign of too much money and not enough time...

  2. Looks amazing. Excellent work. The chosen color fits well together, I think. Awesome.


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