Calth Ultramarine Tactical progress - Oil wash

I managed to get through the oil wash stages on my tactical troops from the Calth box.  This was a bit of a test, and I'm pretty happy with the results.  To review, first was laying down some basic highlights with the airbrush (blues), adding silver, gold and black (plus some grey and red details), then spraying with future floor polish before adding an oil based black wash.

The idea is this... future floor polish is an acrylic gloss finish.  This will protect the paints underneath from the oils and allow me to rub off some of the black after its partially dry.  The gloss finish allows the paints to flow nicely, and since its from a bottle I can airbrush it on.  The oil wash is just a mix of thinner and artist oil paints.  I'll be using black, but you could use whatever makes sense for the colours your are shading.

Tactical squad with the acrylic gloss coat

Closer look at the gloss finish 

All ready for the oil wash

Oil wash applied

Ok to dry for a few hours


  1. Great examples on the wash Paul. A lot of people use that furniture floor polish. I actually got a bottle but have been too chicken to spray it on mini's yet. Do you do just a light coat as if you were doing dull coat?

    1. I spray it on in thin layers with my airbrush. Basically the same as any other airbrush application, but since its clear its hard to tell when you've got enough. I do it until the model appears to have a gloss finish without going on too thick.


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