Magnetized bases and movement trays

Here we go, finally have a good result with this project. I've already covered how to add magnets to bases and using magnetic sheets for your trays but I think this is a better (an cheaper) method. The secret ingredient is magnetic paint.

I picked mine up at Michael's craft store (about $10 with a coupon), and its more than enough for all of my needs. 2 or 3 coats is required to get the magnets to stick well. I also used proper green stuff this time, and it works better than the other 2 part putty I was using. A small amount of ribben did 43 night goblins and 10 spider riders. Super glue of course between layers.

The magnets you see there are the 1/8" x 1/16" from $15 gets you 100, so its not too expensive to do whole units.

And of course, everything hold really nicely.


  1. Ok. I tried this before, but with an aerosol version of the magnetic paint--it was a HUGE disappointment. It had no holding power whatsoever.

    That unit is really just the rare earth magnets holding onto the magnetic paint? Hmmmm... I might have to revisit that, making sure I get the liquid version.

  2. @shrink to fit - The key is to use a couple layers of the paint and making sure you have good contact with the magnet. The tray pictured has 3 coats, and the magnets are pressed against a flat surface with the green stuff to make sure you get a good fit. Ideally I'd like to use a really thin sheet of metal on the bottom of the tray, but I don't have the means of cutting it at home, and the magnetic paint works fairly well.

  3. Yeah, I don't have any tin-snips, either, so cutting metal sheets isn't going to happen.

    Currently, I am trying out these 25mm wide magnetic strips that adhere to the inside of the movement tray. I then cover that with a super thin plastic sheet (so paint can stick to it easier, and because it covers up the slight gaps). It's a little thick--and I think it's going to be somewhat expensive.

    I'm really tempted to scrap my current method and go with the magnetic paint.

  4. @Shrink to Fit - I'd say that the magnetism of those strips is similar to a couple coats of this paint... except that its thinner and cheaper. To give you an idea of how strong it is, it takes three night goblins' magnets to lift the movement tray.

  5. Awesome man! Looking good ... just thought I'd toss out perhaps an even better source of magnets and that is

    Its really nice if your looking to do super small customization on your figs like weapon swap outs, etc. or if you want larger magnets for vehicles, etc. etc.


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